What Must We Know about Electric Shocks

Electric shocks can be very nasty. Those of us who have experienced them, even the mildest ones, will know very well how troublesome an electric shock can be. This is basically nothing but a bolt of free charges that move into our body from the live electrical source that we have touched, often inadvertently, and then exits from another point. Several changes take place in the body when electricity passes through it. Here we shall talk about a few things that we, as users of electricity in our homes, must know.

  1. An electric shock is caused due to live charges passing into the body. These charges are known as electrons and they flow with a tremendous speed. This causes a burning effect in the regions where they pass through.
  2. The human body is a good conductor of electricity. This is because of the various charged species introduced in the body due to our diet and the chemical reactions taking place in the body.
  3. When charges pass through the body, they will enter at a particular point, which is known as point of entry, and leave through another, which is known as point of exit.
  4. The injury is severest at the points of entry and the point of exit. Most people who have experienced electrical shocks maintain that the injury is much more severe at the point of exit than at the point of entry.
  5. The human body can be prevented from electric shocks by using an insulating material when handling electrical objects. For example, using rubber-soled footwear and rubber gloves when handling electrical objects provides a good barrier for the electrons trying to pass into the body.

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