Use The Internet To Find Names For German Shepherds

Finding the ideal name for your new puppy must not be a frustrating challenge. It can be as easy as a few mouse clicks on the right website. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites are just waiting to assist you selecting the best name for your new companion dog. All you have to do is to search for naming a dog. Then visit some of the sites to get a feel for how they work.

Almost all organize the material in similar ways. Their goal is to take much of the confusion out of the naming process by giving the visitor simple choices, such as:

  • Gender, boy or girl
  • Dog names by breed
  • Size, big or small
  • Color, black, white, etc.
  • Personality or characteristics, herding, hunting, macho
    dog, etc.

Let’s say you are looking for names for German shepherds. And you have a boy.

Go to one of the sites with dog names. Then select ‘gender’. Some may say ‘boy’ instead or something to the effect. Next, check the next category that fits your situation best. Some sites let you select a breed, others categorize by size. And yet others will present dog names according to the characteristics of the dog or its personality. Hunting is one popular category. And so is ‘tough’. That’s where you would find names for Pitbulls, or German shepherds. We select this category. There will be hundreds of names for German shepherds.


The best sites will give you more sub-choices for German shepherd names based on the main categories above;  color, size, intended use of the dog (hunting for example), and, of course, boy or girl again.

It is actually fun to use these sites even when you do not need to name a dog right away. Naming a dog can be fun.