Patrick Henry: Ex CEO Entropic

In the world of semiconductor technology, Entropic Communications is a big name. This company was found in 2001. One of the longest serving CEO of this organization has been Patrick Henry. Till date Patrick Henry has more than 25 years of experience in high tech and executive management experience. He has been recognized as a leader in the home entertainment market. He has been the President and CEO of Entropic since the year 2003. Now he is no more on the Board of Directors having been ousted from the post on account of a misdemeanour assault charge filed by a small time television actress. He has had a distinguished career at Entropic and has been credited for a lot of achievements. He is reputed to possess a lot of business acumen and has played a major role in many mergers and acquisitions which has brought the company to this level.

During the reign of Patrick Henry Entropic have scaled many a peak in technological advancements such as set top box technology and system on a chip as well as other connectivity solutions. The Company has grown in an exponential manner and the employee level reached a high of around 645. He has been responsible for the company going public in 2007. He has led the company ably during the recession of 2008 and 2009 so that the company was not affected that much. Guiding the company through the recession is one thing. Navigating the economy after the recession is more difficult. He has been credited to driving the valuation of the company to more than @1 billion after 2009. These were what he considered his best achievements at Entropic. He has been credited for having a strategic vision which has been the guiding force for all the employees at Entropic.