How to Get American Netflix

If you are trying to get American Netflix, then you need to basically trick Netflix into thinking that you are in the US. Since the Netflix content is based on the geography of the place you are in, if you can use a system to make Netflix think that you are in the US, this can be done. If you are an American subscriber and you move to another country where Spotify provides content, you will be asked to change your country by the Netflix interface. Once you do that, you will start getting content that is specific to that country. That shows that Netflix content depends on location, and if you are able to demonstrate that you are in the US, you will continue getting US content.

Now, if you are thinking of ways how to get American Netflix, the best way is to trick it into thinking that you are in the US. The best way to do it is through setting up your virtual private network, i.e. VPN settings, to show that you are in the US. When this is done, your IP address is altered. It generates an alternate proxy IP address that shows that you are working on a US based server, and thus you effectively manage to get Netflix to think that you are in the US. Thus, you are able to get American content to play wherever you are.

But here we must tell you that doing such a thing violates the terms and conditions laid down by Netflix, which clearly state that you cannot use alternate IP addresses to trick Netflix into thinking you are in a location that you actually are not. However, at the same time, we must know that to date Netflix does not have any proper tracking process, and hence it cannot really identify such VPN alternate IP addresses. People using such methods are completely safe at the moment.