Why you Need to Spend so Much Money to Buy Black Truffle Salt

Truffles do not have a black and white world and the term ”black truffle” is never a precise one. They have inspired chefs and people eating them for centuries and are used as a whole or to produce truffle oil and truffle salt. If you want to buy black truffle salt, you have to know that it will not come cheap as these luxurious fungi are one of the most expensive gourmet items in today’s food world.

Even Alexandre Dumas (Known for being an author of The Three Musketeers) once famously described these delicacies with a sentence: ”Eat it and adore God.”

A black truffle does not look like a delicious treat at the first sight. It is irregular, usually shape in a round way and grows underground within symbiotic relationships with roots of trees. In addition, it is most commonly found by pigs that have a particularly developed sense of smell for them.

Black truffles are usually a size of a golf ball but only a kilogram of black truffles from France can cost as much as 1000€ or up to 4000€ in retail price. Besides France, Italy and Spain are the destinations where these gems are mostly found. Some parts of the United States and Australia are known to contain black truffles as well. Cultivating them is extremely hard and the taste has never been the same as the one in the naturally-occurring black truffles.

All these factors contribute to such an enormous price – amazing flavour, the struggle of finding them, rarity, difficulties when cultivating them, and the fact that while there are hundreds of species of truffles, only a small majority of them are actually edible. White truffles are the most prized of them all while a few types of black truffle are treasured around the world as well.