How much does man dread the words “Erectile Dysfunction”

Erectile Dysfunction: This is a dreaded term for any man. The very words can cause a shiver down a man’s spine. Man has a tendency to consider himself as “manly”. If anything happens or suggests the opposite, it is natural that he considers it an insult to his manhood. What exactly is this erectile dysfunction? What are its causes? Does it have any cure? Questions like these start to plague the mind every time one hears of the dreaded words. In very simple terms one can explain erectile dysfunction to be the inability of the penis to grow in size and attain a rigid form so that he may be able to satisfy a woman sexually. This can be due a variety of causes. It is believed that as one grows old, the penis too grows old and hence the erection does not get sustained long enough. Man can be afflicted with some physical ailment for which he may be under heavy medication. Under such circumstances too, the erectile dysfunction could occur. Obesity too affects the system and causes this disability in a man.

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Various theories are doing the rounds. It is not that they are not correct. Each of them is correct in its own way. To correctly understand why this happens, one has to understand how the penis gets enlarged in the first place. It is true that sexual arousal is the cause for an erection. But what is the principle behind the erection. The human penis is made up of tiny blood capillaries. When a man is sexually aroused, the flow of blood to the penis increases and this helps a man to attain an erect penis. Thus it can be inferred that absence of flow of blood to the penis can also cause erectile dysfunction. To cure this problem, there is an ed miracle natural medicine.