Business people Like LAN

Even within small communities like towns and enterprises, people sometimes have to communicate distantly. They use telephones and now also computers for that. In such small distances, Internet is not necessary as computers can be connected into intranet.

Local area network is labelled with the acronim LAN. Such networks need no server (but they can use one, which improves authorisation checking) and can use a firewall to exclude uninvated guests from using it. LAN messenger is a popular intranet platform used for chatting and sharing data. In average, users like its features and design and find it secure, reliable, fast and easy to install and use. Support is also not bad. One can choose between some forms of chat which differ in options of file exchange, IP checking, emoticons and encryption. Encryption, which is free and easy, is an advantage for those who use it in bussiness and some others as well.

They find some problems like the application changing their font so that recipients see it different than it was typed. While it is compatible with different operating sistems, files can be sent from one version to another, for example, from Windows to Linux. Not all operating sistems support every kind of chat offered.

Some bussinesspeople appreciate it so much that they contribute to its development – either financially or by unpaid work. This is really needed as the platform does not collect money from users (except for some services) but it does not mean it has no profit. Like many information technology services free for users, it earns by letting advertisers post there.

Despite its popularity, usage has now declined and there have been no updates recently. Probably time will show whether this is still the type of service people need or they will choose something else.