What are HID Lights?

HID lights, or High Intensity discharge light bulbs, provide gas discharging lamps that create light by sending electrical discharges through ionized gas. The light also contains another type of gas which then classifies the actual type of HID lighting. There are four types: sodium, metal halide, low intensity and high intensity lights. The Metal Halide HID light is the most popularly used of the four times. Typically, HID lights are used inside of headlamps on vehicles, but can be found in gardens, street lamps, and at other locations. HID Lights are chosen because they provide the ability to see at a great distance at night, they last longer than typical halogen lights, and they’re also energy efficient. You will find an array of HID lights available at i-darky.net.

Although the popularity of HID lights has only recently began to soar, it is not a new technology. In fact, the first HID light was used inside of a car in 1991. This car was a BMW. Today, luxury automobile manufactures often place them inside of their vehicles instead of the halogen lights. Kits to convert the light are also available for purchase. If you intend to purchase an HID headlamp for your vehicle, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different colors offered in the K color spectrum.

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The many benefits of HID lamps can be yours. Simply purchase a conversion kit and you are on your way to enjoying these awesomely exciting benefits.